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A Vision for Education from the UK: Conversation with Nigel Genders and Andy Wolfe

December 12, 2018

Despite some tech and connectivity issues with my simple podcast, I think you will gain some amazing nuggets of wisdom from this podcast on vision, collaboration, and leadership development.

I had the opportunity to have a conversation with Nigel Genders, Chief Education Officer of The Church of England Schools, along with prior-podcast participant Andy Wolfe, Deputy Chief Education Officer of Leadership Development, on their work developing a "Vision for Education and the Common Good" for the UK.

There are 4,700 Church of England schools that educate over a million students, which makes it the largest school organization in the UK. See below for some resources that Nigel and Andy mention.

The CofE Vision for Education: https://www.cefel.org.uk/vision/

Leadership of Character Education: https://www.cefel.org.uk/character/ 

Ethos Enhancing Outcomes: https://www.cefel.org.uk/visionresources/



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