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Cardus Data & What is Education For?: Beth Green

April 26, 2019

In this conversation, I get to talk data, a decade of Cardus Education Survey results (www.cardus.ca/research/education/), and the impact of religious schools in particular Protestant Evangelical schools with Beth Green. We both love data, research, and our profession, which I think comes out in the conversation. However, the question in the title comes from the end of the conversation where I ask Beth a question that many of my friends, family members, and other parents have asked me over the past decade.

Beth Green is a Senior Fellow in Education for Cardus (www.cardus.ca), and formerly Program Director of Cardus Education. She is also Visiting Professor: Research, Integration, and Educational Formation at Tyndale University College in Toronto. Beth is a former high school history teacher who has worked in both government and non-government schools in the UK.