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Deeper Learning, Authentic Audiences, and the Bike Path Project with Steven Levy

April 22, 2018

In this conversation I had the opportunity to talk with my friend and fellow CACE Fellow, Steven Levy who was recognized as the Massachusetts State Teacher of the Year (1993), honored by the Disney American Teacher Awards as the national Outstanding General Elementary Teacher (1995), was the recipient of the Joe Oakey Award for his national impact on project-based learning, and received the John F. Kennedy Prize for the teaching of history.

Mr. Levy and his fourth grade students were designated “Conservation Heroes” by the National Park Service for their study of the effects of a local bike path on the environment and the community. Steven has written various articles for educational journals, and the book, Starting From Scratch (Heinemann, 1996), details some of the projects and students he has worked with in his elementary classrooms.

To learn more about the Bike Path Project: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3ITvWuXlX68

Deeper Learning Conference hosted by the Steven and Joanna Levy: http://www.newcovschool.org/news/event-summer-workshop/