Digical Education

Holiness and Wholesomeness in Creative Pursuits: Josh Riebock

July 1, 2018

This is a conversation that stems from many other conversations and due to the unscripted nature of it you will hear it meander from our prior podcast conversation about creativity into a more recent conversation we've been having about Holiness versus Wholesomeness within our creative pursuits.

I personally like the portions where Josh talks about the 'cocktail' or 'architecure' of creativity and where honesty, depth, and exploration into life fit in the mix. Likewise, I put him on the spot at the end of the podcast to share some of his poetry, so fast forward about 30 seconds as he chooses/finds a poem to share with us.

Josh Riebock is a storyteller, poet, author, and friend. If you haven't read "Heroes and Monsters" check it out and you'll get a taste of what he shares in this podcast.