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“Horace Mann Had It All Wrong:” Conversation with Corey DeAngelis

June 7, 2018

I came across Corey DeAngelis' work on Twitter @DeAngelisCorey, and quickly have enjoyed reading his articles and research. Corey wrote a report for Cato Institute entitled "The Highly Positive Effects of Vouchers," which led to a pretty interesting Twitter battle with public school traditionalists. This drew my attention to Corey's emerging research and led to this conversation on School Choice.


Corey A. DeAngelis is a Policy Analyst at the Cato Center for Educational Freedom. He is also a Policy Advisor and Contributing Editor for the Heartland Institute. His research focuses on the effects of educational choice programs on student achievement and non-academic outcomes such as criminal activity, political and economic freedom, schooling supply, and fiscal impacts.

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