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Pluralism, Policy, and Knowledge: Conversation with Ashley Berner

December 8, 2018

Ashley Berner (ashley.berner@jhu.edu) is the Deputy Director of the Institute for Education Policy at Johns Hopkins University and the author of Pluralism and American Public Education: No One Way to School.

A year ago I had a conversation with Ashley regarding the argument in the book about the ideas for and potential behind a more pluralistic approach to education in the United States. In this conversation, she shares what has happened since last year with the argument, and how pluralism might actually be a Middle Path in education policy between the current public system and a privatized alternative. Likewise, she shares about the Knowledge Map Project that is providing incredible insights into  developing a greater "vision for an educated person."

Resources mentioned:

NCEE: www.ncee.org

The New Teacher Project: www.tntp.org

50Can: www.50can.org

Chiefs for Change: www.chiefsforchange.org 

Ed Reports: www.edreports.org 

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